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Last updated: 23.04.17
Address: Melbourne, Australia

Allan & Co. Pty. Ltd has 39 publications posted in these webpages. They include 1 book at the Amazons, 1 book in my own library and 37 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Author Supplier
book15.gif Glimpses of Christmas W.H. Keith Young
     Title Author Supplier
book15.gif Glimpses of Christmas W.H. Keith Young
     Title Music Lyrics
sm15.gif Piccaninnies' Picnic (1891-2), The J.H. de Boos
sm15.gif Yera'o (191-?) J.H. de Boos
sm15.gif Call of the Rockies (1934) Charles Neil Daniels Harry Tobias;
sm15.gif Are You the Little Girl I Met the Other Evening? (191-?;) Hermann E. Darewski
sm15.gif Mamie May (1911c) Hermann E. Darewski
sm15.gif Our Own Dear Flag (1916c) Hermann E. Darewski
sm15.gif Tulip Song (1916c), The Hermann E. Darewski
sm15.gif Where Are the Lads of New Zealand To-Night (1914c) Hermann E. Darewski
sm15.gif You've Got to Sing in Rag Time (1911) Worton David
sm15.gif Mother Hubbard (1904) Hans Engelmann
sm15.gif Mountain Romance (1913) Hans Engelmann
sm15.gif Peaceful Nights (?) Montague Ewing
sm15.gif Singing River (1954), The Montague Ewing
sm15.gif Three Dedications (1954) Montague Ewing
sm15.gif Bismark Grenadiers (189-), The Barney Fagan
sm15.gif Nellie Dean (1891-2) Barney Fagan
sm15.gif I'll Make a Man of You (1914) Herman Finck Arthur Wimperis;
sm15.gif I Little Knew (1915) Julian Fredericks Arthur St. Ives;
sm15.gif Tulip Time (1952c) Martin Greenwald
sm15.gif Smiling Eyes (1926) Louis L. Howarde
sm15.gif Your Heart Looked Into Mine (1926) John Raymond Hubbell
sm15.gif Don't You Think You'd Better Let Me Try? (1918) Will L. Livernash J. Will Callahan;
sm15.gif Lily of Hill Billy Valley (1934), The Will L. Livernash Ted Richmond;
sm15.gif My Wonderful Dream of You (1918) Will L. Livernash Nick Campbell;
sm15.gif Tangled Roses (1916) Will L. Livernash
sm15.gif Larkspur (1929) Walter Rolfe
sm15.gif Maytime Waltz (1917) Sigmund Romberg
sm15.gif I Cannot Forget (191?) Madeline Rossiter
sm15.gif Ocean Spray (1915) Johann C. Schmid
sm15.gif Yogiland (1919) Dan. J. Sullivan
sm15.gif Brooklyn Cakewalk (1899), The T.W. Thurban
sm15.gif Mumblin' Moss (1902) T.W. Thurban
sm15.gif War Whoop Rag (1908), The T.W. Thurban
sm15.gif Pucker Up Your Lips, Miss Lindy (191?) Albert von Tilzer Eli. Dawson;
sm15.gif Ashes of Roses (1950) Harry Tobias ''Teepee" Mitchell; Lew Porter;
sm15.gif Matrimonial Handicap (1913c), The Robert P. Weston
sm15.gif I Put on My Hat and Walked Away (1939) James Whidden/Harold Moschetti