Musichound Folk, The Essential Album Guide
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1998 Author: Neal Walters,Brian Mansfield
Publisher: Visible Ink Press ISBN: 157859037X
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Paperback - 1030 pages book with free music CD sampler edition (October 1998), usually ships within 24 hours.
Editorial Reviews
Synopsis: More than 1,000 entries cover folk and near folk styles, profiling each artist or group with a narrative that describes their prominence in the folk scene and their rise to fame. Following the personal information, all works receive a bone rating ( from one to five bones), plus title, label, and year of release. Includes a CD sampler. 100 photos.

The publisher, Visible Ink Press , January 19, 1999
"A thorough representation of the folk scene, past and present. The thousand or so pages never shy away from scouring a continent or genre for whatever can be loosely defined as folk music. A good investment." -- Dirty Linen Magazine

"Outstanding guide. What makes this a particular treasure are the lines that highlight the continuum of music, where the book states who the artists' influences were and who they in turn influenced. The perfect gift for those you want to introduce to... read more

The publisher, Visible Ink Press , October 26, 1998
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"Highly recommended." -- ForewordMagazine
"If you area a fan of "music," this Guide is a must-have. It is the most complete and informative "Album Guide" I have ever seen." -- The Bluegrass Telegraph
"Thank God for this book. For 25 bucks you get an overview of every imortant (and lesser) folk artist you can think of... a perfect book for American song. One of the finest works on art I've ever seen for this genre." -- @Nzone

The publisher, Visible Ink Press , August 12, 1998
comment from the Folk Alliance
MusicHound Folk is a tremendous resource, and a volume that I recommend to everyone either as a reference guide for yourself, or as a tool to introduce folk music to your friends.
Phyllis Barney, Executive Director, North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance (aka, Folk Alliance)