Renaissance Dances: For Dancers Young and Old with CD (Audio)
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2000 Author: Isabel McNeill Carley
Publisher: Warner Brothers Publications ISBN: 0769294855
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Paperback, sample pages, (April 2000) Usually ships within 24 hours.
Amazon Review
About average - should use other resources too
As a music teacher and professional musican I was hoping to have this text be an aid to my students. The printed music is clear, although the arrangements are not necessarily the best, particularly with regards to the 4/4 meter as opposed to the true alla breve. The cd that is included is a nice bonus, but it would have been nice to hear real instruments on the tracks instead of a synthesizer. The dance instructions are somewhat unclear. I had to refer to two other resources just to decipher what is meant. So, this is an average product, not to be trusted as a vailid source standing on its own.

Orff teachers - look at this one!
If you have ever wanted to teach those wonderful Renaissance dances to your 3rd - 6th grade students try Isabel Carley's well-researched, clear guide. These dances can be used with adults or children. You will find her two books on this subject useful and easy to follow. Enjoy!