The Complete Gershwin Keyboard Works
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2000 Author: George Gershwin
Publisher: Warner Brothers Publications ISBN: 1576237435
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Paperback, (July 2000). Usually ships within 12 to 14 days
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Titles are: Rhapsody in Blue * Prelude I * Prelude II * Prelude III * Prelude (Fragment) * Prelude (Sleepless Night) * Prelude (Melody #17) * Prelude (Novelette in Fourths) * Prelude (Rubato) * Concerto in F * An American in Paris * I Got Rhythm Variations * 2nd Rhapsody * Cuban Overture.
Book Description Edited by Alicia Zizzo. A definitive edition of all of the Gershwin preludes. Also contains three extremely rare composition. Titles are: Prelude I * Prelude (Melody No. 17) * Prelude (Rubato) * Prelude II (Blue Lullaby) * Prelude (Novelette in Fourths) * Prelude II (Spanish Prelude) * Prelude (Used as 3rd movement of 'Concerto in F' * Prelude (Sleepless Nights.)
Reviewer: Joanna Daneman from Middletown, DE USA
I had to search high and low for Zizzo's edition of the rarer preludes. Here, you have all of the Gershwin keyboard works, including the short preludes I, II and III, as well as those rare preludes "Novelette in Fourths" and "Sleepless Nights." The "I've Got Rhythm" variations are virtuoso--so beware, this book ranges from the playable to the shockingly difficult. But I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to have it all in one book finally. Thank you, Ms. Zizzo. Even if I can't play all of these, it's "S'wonderful" to be able to read the scores.