80 English Folk Songs
Last updated: 16.04.20
Printed: 1983 Author: Cecil Sharpe and Maud Karpeles
Publisher: Faber and Faber ISBN: 0-571-10048-1
Copyright: Faber 1968    
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Publisher's blurb: "These 80 songs represent the cream of a collection made by Cecil Sharpe and Maud Karpeles on their memorable expeditions to the Southern Appalachian Mountains during the years 1916 to 1918.
There are ballads and love songs, songs of humour and faith, work songs and lullabies. The songs, handed down by word of mouth, were inherited by the mountain singers from their forefathers who emigrated from the British Isles during the 18th century. They represent the English folk-song tradition at a high level of development. Indeed, some of the tunes may be accounted among the most beautiful in the world.
This practical edition makes these songs available to all who enjoy singing. Chord symbols are provided for guitar, banjo or other instrumental accompaniment. Specimen piano accompaniments for four songs have been specially written by Benjamin Britten as a guide for pianists."
Personal remarks:
This is a fine book indeed which I purchased from a second-hand book shop whilst on holiday in New Zealand in 1996 and is the source of many of the songs in my repertoire. This is the source for:
  1. Come my Little Roving Sailor
  2. The Cruel Mother
  3. Edward
  4. The Lovers' Tasks
  5. I whipped my horse
  6. Old Woman
  7. One man went to mow
  8. The Unquiet Grave