The Music of Louis Andriessen
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2002 Author: L.Andriessen, M. Trochimczyk
Publisher: Garland Publications ISBN: 0815337892
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Studies in Contemporary Music and Culture
Hardcover: January 1, 2002
Table of Contents
Preface Maja Trochimczyk.
I. Learning - 1. Dialog
1. Learning; Louis Andriessen and Maja Trochimczyk
2. Andriessen and His Habitat; Frits van der Waa
3. The Man and his Music: A Potrait; Maja Trochimczyk
II. Composing -
4. Dialog 2: Fragments on Composing; Louis Andriessen and Maja Trochimczyk
5. Unisons and the Republic, Andriessen's Minimalism; Maja Trochimczyk
6. On Conceiving Time; Louis Andriessen and Elmer Schönberger
7. Lectures for Young Composers; Louis Andriessen (Translated and edited...)