Recorder Ragtime
Sheet Music Series
Last updated: 19.12.19
This series of sheet music is intended for recorder playing ragtime purists. No concessions have been made to the recorder i.e. all adaptations retain their original keys (look out for D-flat minor and E-flat minor!). Where Scott Joplin, Joseph F. Lamb, James Sylvester Scott et al required fistfuls of notes, these have been distributed as divisi in the lower parts. The basic recorder quintet layout is treble and tenor for the melodic line whilst a second tenor, bass and great bass make up the rhythm section. On occasions, the first voice may be required additionally take up sopranino, descant or even a bass! Only rarely are voices doubled. A second bass can generally be substituted for the great bass although of course the notes below bottom F have either to be left out or played an octave higher. Notes below the compass of the great bass are also given for those fortunate ensembles having a contra bass in their "armoury".
Trio and Quartet versions of some of these items are offered in the C-Series and D-Series Catalogues respectively.
Please see Information for Bass Players and Ensemble Leaders for further detailed information about the make-up of the offered scores and parts.
Except where otherwise stated the items comprise small-type scores with full-type parts. Full- or large-type scores can be provided, please send for details. Bulk orders can be made at special rates.