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Label: Pitch
Release Date: 25 October, 2005
Works performed by Pete Rose.
  1. SNSI, for soprano/sopranino recorders (1 player), Pete Rose
  2. Meditation for recorder solo, Ryohei Hirose
  3. Medley: Signals/Limits, for prepared & unprepared soprano recorders (1 player), Pete Rose
  4. Gesti, for recorder, Luciano Berio
  5. Ofrenda, for tenor recorder, Mario Lavista
  6. Right Hand Pentachord Variations, for prepared soprano recorder, Pete Rose
  7. Bessie's Blues, John Coltrane
  8. Cartoons, for soprano & sopranino head joints (1 player), Pete Rose
  9. Voice of the Crocodile, for bass recorder & voice (1 performer), Benjamin Thorn