Pete Rose
Last updated: 03.10.20
rprosep.jpgPete Rose (b. 1942) is recognized as America's leading composer and performer of modern recorder music. His compositions have received worldwide acclaim. "Tall P," commissioned by the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, has been performed thousands of times throughout Europe, North America and the Far East. Another commissioned work, "The Kid From Venezuela," written for Concert Artists Guild Competition winner Aldo Abreu, has also been very widely performed. Pete Rose's works have been featured in many European recorder competitions and have been published by Universal Edition, Moeck, Carus-Verlag and Ricordi. As a performer, Mr. Rose has given recitals at numerous concert series in the USA and Europe and his performances usually include a variety of written and improvised music. He has been most acclaimed for his interpretations of works that involve microtonality, circular breathing and jazz elements. His eclectic repertoire has made him welcome in such diverse venues as Merkin Hall and The Kitchen in New York City, the Spinoy Cultural Center in Mechelen, Belgium and the Porgy And Bess Nightclub in Vienna. In addition to composing and performing, Mr. Rose has served as columnist, critic, and contributing editor for the American Recorder magazine and has also written articles for the German woodwind magazine TIBIA. He has been a regular faculty member of the Amherst Early Music Festival, teaching in both the virtuoso program and the general program, and has given many master classes in the USA and Europe. Pete Rose is the 2005 recipient of the American Recorder Society's "Distinguished Achievement Award
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