Silencium: Songs of the Spirit
Last updated: 23.11.22
Label: Decca/Argo
Designation: CD 458 356-2
Release Date: 1997
Performed by Richard Harvey (recorder), The Silencium Ensemble (John Harle), The Choristers of Worcester Cathedral (Adrian Lucas), The Children of New Brighton Primary School (Gillian Jones), Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields (John Harle).
Works composed by Unknown.
  1. Flying
  2. Morning Prayer
  3. Spiritu (theme from Channel 4 series Baby, it's you)
  4. Air and Angels
  5. The Family of Love
  6. Lacrimosam (theme from the feature film Butterfly Kiss)
  7. Astrea (theme from Nissan television commercial)
  8. The School of Mysteries (theme from BBC 1 series Defence of the Realm)
  9. Light (theme from BBC1 series HMS Brilliant)
  10. Hymn to the Sun
  11. Vices and Virtues
  12. Night Flight
  13. Silencium (theme from BBC1 series Silent Witness)