Viva l'amore: Recorder Quartets 16th-17th cent.
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Opus 111
Release Date: 09 May, 2001
Performed by Flanders Recorder Quartet with Peter van Heyghen (recorder), Geert van Gele (recorder), Katherine Rooman (recorder) and Capilla Flamenca.
  1. Pastyme with good companye by Henry VIII
  2. Helas Madam by King of England Henry VIII
  3. Five Fantasias a 5 by Jerome Bassano
  4. "Let not us that young men be" by Anonymous
  5. Pavan by Lodovico Bassano
  6. Madame d'amour by Anonymous
  7. Galliard, Passion by Anthony Holborne
  8. Pavana Ploravit by Antony Holborne
  9. Galliard, 'Sic semper soleo' by Antony Holborne
  10. Almain, 'The Choise' by Antony Holborne
  11. Almain, 'The Honiesuckle' by Antony Holborne
  12. Galliard, 'The Fairie-round' by Antony Holborne
  13. Pavan by Alfonso (I) Ferrabosco
  14. Di sei bassi by Alfonso I Ferrabosco
  15. Interdette speranze by Alfonso I Ferrabosco
  16. Pavan by Augustine Bassano
  17. Almande No. 15 by Jeronimo Bassano
  18. Almande No. 22 by John Cooper
  19. Mon coeur se recommande by Orlando di Lassus
  20. Puzzle-canons by John Lloyd
  21. Nell piu fiorito Aprile by Luca Marenzio
  22. Phancy by Edward Blancks
  23. Saltavan Ninfe, Satiri e Pastori by Orazio Vecchi
  24. Two Fancies by James Harding