Frans Brüggen Edition Vol. 03 (Englische Ensemblemusik)
Last updated: 23.11.22
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Label: Teldec
Release Date: 17 June, 1996
Works performed by the Brüggen-Consort with Frans Brüggen. This CD is also part of the Frans Brüggen Edition Vols. 1-12.
1. Pavan by Anthony Holborne
2. Galliard by Anthony Holborne
3. The Honie-Suckle by Anthony Holborne
4. The Sighes by Anthony Holborne
5. The Night Watch by Anthony Holborne
6. Heigh Ho Holiday by Anthony Holborne
7. In nomine a 4 by John Taverner
8. In nomine a 5 by Christopher Tye
9. In nomine a 5 by William Byrd
10. Ricercar On Bonny Sweet Robin by Thomas Simpson
11. The Leaves Be Green by William Byrd
12. La Girandola by Thomas Morley
13. Il Lamento by Thomas Morley
14. La Caccia by Thomas Morley
15. Fantasia a 3 by George Jeffries
16. Solo in G by Andrew Parcham
17. Divisions upon an Italian Ground by Robert Carr
18. Concerto a 7 D-dur by William Babell
19. Sonate Nr. 4 F-dur by Johann C. Pepusch
20. Chaconne F-dur (Three Parts Upon A Ground) by Henry Purcell