The St. Louis Ragtimers: Volume 2
Last updated: 06.03.23
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Label: Ghb Records
Release Date: 11 June, 1996
  1. Sailing Down The Chesapeake Bay, George Botsford
  2. Mahogany Hall Stomp, Spencer Williams
  3. Steamboat Stomp
  4. Shake That Thing
  5. King Chanticleer, Nathan D. Ayer
  6. Lulu White, Brun Campbell
  7. Up Jumped The Devil
  8. Cakewalking Babies From Home
  9. Riverside Blues
  10. Georgia Swing, Ferdinand Morton
  11. Moving Day, Harry von Tilzer
  12. Black Mountain Rag
  13. Dead Man Blues, Ferdinand Morton
  14. Chestnut Valley Rag, Trebor Jay Tichenor
  15. By And By
  16. I Ain't Rough
  17. Tanktown Bump
  18. When Ragtime Rosie Ragged The Rosary, Lewis F. Muir
  19. Bucksnort Stomp, Trebor Jay Tichenor
  20. Eli Green's Cake Walk (1898), Sadie Koninsky
  21. They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dawg Around, Carrie Bruggeman