Lion Roars: His Greatest 1934-44
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: ASV/Living Era
Release Date: 01 May, 1998
  1. Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider, Eddie Munson/Eddie Leonard - Alabama Jug Band
  2. Somebody Stole My Gal, Leo Wood - Alabama Jug Band
  3. Apologies - Mezz Mezzrow
  4. Sendin' the Vipers - Mezz Mezzrow
  5. Mutiny in the Parlor, Vee Lawnhurst/Ed Heyman - Mezz Mezzrow
  6. Panic Is On, Thomas Waller/Bert Clarke/Winston Tharp - Mezz Mezzrow
  7. What Can I Do With a Foolish Little Girl Like You?, Willie "The Lion" Smith
  8. Harlem Joys, Clarence Williams/Walter Bishop/Willie "The Lion" Smith
  9. Echoes of Spring, Willie "The Lion" Smith
  10. Swing, Brother, Swing
  11. Swampland Is Calling Me
  12. Old Stamping Ground
  13. Let's Mop It
  14. Muskrat Ramble, Kid Ory/Ray Gilbert
  15. Morning Air
  16. Fading Star
  17. Rippling Waters, Willie "The Lion" Smith
  18. Finger Buster, Ferdinand Morton
  19. Lion and the Lamb
  20. I'm Coming Virginia, Will Marion Cook/Donald Heywood - Sidney Bechet
  21. Limehouse Blues, Philip Braham/Douglas Furber - Sidney Bechet
  22. Strange Fruit - Sidney Bechet
  23. Black and Blue - Max Kaminsky
  24. Jazz Me Blues, Tom Delaney