Golden Reunion in Ragtime
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Also see: flag15us.gif Sterooddities:
Label: Stereoddities
  1. Meet Me in St Louis,, Louis (1904), Kerry Mills
  2. Bunch O' Blackberries (1899), Abe Holzmann
  3. Maori, William H. Tyers
  4. Lovie Joe, Will Marion Cook
  5. The Lily Rag (1914), Charles Thompson
  6. Memories of You, Eubie Blake/Andy Razaf
  7. Teasing Rag (1912), Paul Charles Pratt
  8. Old Black Crow
  9. Waitin For the Robert E Lee, Lewis F. Muir
  10. That's Jelly Roll
  11. Until, Joe Jordan
  12. Delmar Rag, Charles Thompson
  13. Dora Dean
  14. Dictys On 7th Ave, Eubie Blake
  15. Broadway Is Dahomey
    1. USA Pressing with Narration and Interviews by Robert 'Ragtime' Darch.