Wet Messy Wet
Last updated: 18.12.19
Label: NCB Norge
Designation: SSW 02
Release Date: March 2002
Ship'n Whales a capelly shanty group with Høgne Skøld, Per Robert Jøntvedt, Frank Robert Thomsen, Ølvind Nefstad, Ivar Nefstad and Svend Martens.
  1. Six Jolly Ship'n Whalers
  2. Ranzo Ray
  3. Blow, Ye Winds
  4. Hooker John
  5. Three Score and Ten
  6. Jolly rovin' Tar
  7. Haul Away Boys
  8. Hurry Harry!
  9. Billy O'Shea
  10. Come down You Buncho f Roses
  11. Lowlands Away
  12. Blackbird Get Up
  13. I can hew [Aa Could Hew]
  14. Gammelt ol
  15. The Ebenezer
  16. Pick a bale of cotton
  17. The Grey Funnel Line
  18. Mandals-shanty
  19. Lime Scurvy
  20. Down Trinidad
  21. Pick a Bale of Cotton - Bonus track