Out on the Ocean
Last updated: 22.08.18
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Label: CDBY
Release Date: February 1, 2005
  1. The Collier Brig, Percy Brown's, Old Joe, The Boat is Going Over
  2. High Barbaree, Major Malley's Reel
  3. Rollicking Randy Dandy O
  4. The Capstan Bar
  5. Nelson's Victory, The Stormy Voyage, The Three Captains
  6. Sally Brown
  7. The Race of Long Ago
  8. Tom Bowling
  9. The Wild Goose Shanty
  10. Ships are Sailing, The Black-Eyed Sailor
  11. Blow, Boys, Blow
  12. All Things Are Quite Silentt
  13. On Board a 98
  14. Nelson's Death
  15. Rodney's Glory, Out on the Ocean, The Sailor's Return
  16. The Hogseye Man
  17. South Australia
  18. The Leaving of Liverpool