The Continuing Tradition Volume 1
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: City Hall Records
Release Date: 15 Mar. 2011
  1. The False Knight Upon the Road by Irene Satetan, Tony Saletan
  2. Black Jack Gypsy by Ed Trickett
  3. Five Nights Drunk (Our Goodman) by Max Hunter
  4. Lost Jimmy Whelan by Joan Sprung
  5. Renardine by Joe Hickerson
  6. The Butcher Boy by Betty Smith
  7. Green Island Shore by Gordon Bok
  8. Driving Saw-Logs on the Plover by Helen Bonchek Schneyer
  9. Buffalo Skinners by Harry Tuft
  10. Working on the New Railroad by Sara Grey
  11. I'll Hit the Road Again by Grant Rogers