From the Heart of America
Last updated: 01.04.20
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Label: Laserlight (DELTA MUSIC)
Release Date: 01. Januar 2000
  1. If I had a hammer
  2. Donna, Donna by Sholom Secunda
  3. Blowin' in the wind
  4. Five Houndred Miles
  5. If I Were A Carpenter
  6. Monday Morning
  7. When The Day Is Done
  8. Circle Game
  9. A World Of Our Own
  10. Puff the magic dragon
  11. Morningtown Ride
  12. The Carnival Is Over
  13. Greensleeves
  14. Where have all the flowers gone
  15. American Pie
  16. I`Ll Never Find Another You
  17. Scarborough Fair
  18. This Land Is Your Land