Golden Memories Vol.: 10
Last updated: 10.03.20
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Label: International
Memories from good old times
  1. 1, The Crests: Sixteen Candles
  2. The Platters; My Prayer
  3. The Three Friends Blance
  4. The Moonglows: Secret Love
  5. Little Richard: Slippin' And Slidin'
  6. The Del-Vikings: Come Go With Me
  7. The Spaniels: Goodnight Sweetheart by Calvin Carter
  8. The Teen Chords: I'm So Happy
  9. Faye Adams: Shake A Hand
  10. The Starlights: Valerie
  11. Jerry Lee Lewis: High School Confidential
  12. Little Richard: Rip It Up
  13. The Cadillacs: Zoom
  14. The Continentals: Pictures Of Love
  15. The Crests: Sweetest One
  16. Lloyd Price: Where Were You On Your Weddingday
  17. Sam Cook: Only Sixteen
  18. Jimmy Reed: Honest I Do
  19. Little Richard: Send Me Some Love
  20. Huey "Piano"Smith*: Rockin' Pneumonia The Boogie Woogie Flue