The Bitter and the Sweet
Last updated: 22.11.22
MP3 Album(s) [Amazon: flag15uk.gif ]
Label: Topic Records Ltd.
Release Date: 1972
No. Title MP3's
1. Turpin Hero flag15uk.gif 
2. The Bonny Green Woods flag15uk.gif 
3. The Death of Bill Brown flag15uk.gif 
4. The Three Butchers flag15uk.gif 
5. The Ullswater Pack flag15uk.gif 
6. Poor Owd 'oss flag15uk.gif 
7. General Ludd's Triumph flag15uk.gif 
8. Poverty Knock flag15uk.gif 
9. The Streams of Lovely Nancy flag15uk.gif 
10. Robin Hood & the Tanner flag15uk.gif 
11. The Royal Oak flag15uk.gif 
12. Strike the Bell flag15uk.gif 
13. Mccafferty flag15uk.gif 
14. All Through the Ale flag15uk.gif