What Will Become Of England?
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Rounder
Release Date: 1 Mar 2000
  1. What Will Become Of England?
  2. My Life
  3. A-Going To Widdliecombe Fair [Widdecombe Fair]
  4. Working In A Gang
  5. The Spotted Cow
  6. Barton Waltz
  7. The Harvest
  8. The Barley Straw
  9. The Farmer's Servant
  10. The Pretty Ploughboy
  11. My Grandfather And My Father
  12. Jack Tar On Shore
  13. Two Hornpipes: Yarmouth And Meg Merilees
  14. On Board Of The Kangaroo
  15. Young And Growing
  16. My Mother
  17. My Upbringing
  18. The Foggy Dew [The Foggy, Foggy Dew]
  19. Hunger And Pay
  20. Three Toasts
  21. Nelson's Monument
  22. I Used To Go Along Of Him
  23. Barton Broad Babbing Ballad
  24. Babbing For Eels
  25. Talk And Melodeon Pieces
  26. Singing In Public Houses
  27. Charming And Delightful [Pleasant and Delightful]
  28. The Old Songs
  29. On Yon Lofty Mountain
  30. Learning From My Father
  31. She Never Had To Sit Down
  32. The Turkish Lady
  33. Poaching
  34. Henry The Poacher
  35. Windy Old Weather
  36. My Father At Sea
  37. Sweet William
  38. How My Father Learned Songs
  39. The Yarmouth Fishermen's Song
  40. The Crocodile
  41. The Soldier And Sailor's Prayer
  42. London Is As Sharp As the Edge Of A Knife
  43. Up To The Rigs Of London Town
  44. Up To The Present I Ain't Forgot Anything Yet
  45. Blackberry Fold
  46. Adieu To Old Eng-E-Land, Here's Adieu