Private Peaceful
Last updated: 03.05.17
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Label: No Masters
Release Date: 26 Jun 2006
  1. Bandaghem
  2. Five Past Ten
  3. Hares on the Mountains
  4. So You're Stuck with Me
  5. Little Man You've Had a Busy Day
  6. Y'aint a coward, are ya?
  7. England to Her Sons
  8. The Deeper You Dig, the Longer You Live
  9. Standing in Line
  10. Good Old General Haig/ The Sargeant Major's Having a Time/ Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire
  11. Twenty-five Past Three
  12. Down Upon the Dugout Floor
  13. Five to Five
  14. Only Remembered
  15. One Minute to Six
  16. Oranges and Lemons
  17. Bye Charlie
  18. Lay Me Low
  19. Mendinghem / Dozinghem