Frances Davis Alda (1879-1952)
Last updated: 20.04.24
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url15.gif  DAHR: Frances Alda List of 155 historic recordings from 1909 to 1949.

  Title (Release Year) Composer Performers Issue
  Historic Records      
recordMP3.gif Ich liebe Dich (1912) L. van Beethoven Frances Davis Alda Victor: B-12561
recordMP3.gif Perfect Day, A (1914) V. Herbert Frances Davis Alda Victor: C-14498
recordMP3.gif Love's Own Sweet Song (1914) E. Kálmán Frances Davis Alda Victor: C-14740
recordMP3.gif Mighty Lak' a Rose (1915) E.W. Nevin Frances Davis Alda Victor: B-16087
recordMP3.gif Star, The (1917) J.H. Rogers Frances Davis Alda Victor: B-19119
recordMP3.gif Sorter Miss You (1918) C. Smith Frances Davis Alda Victor: B-21770
recordMP3.gif Morgen! (1913) R. Strauss Frances Davis Alda Victor: B-13085
recordMP3.gif Somewhere a Voice Is Calling (1917) A.F. Tate Frances Davis Alda Victor: B-19120
recordMP3.gif Otello - Ave Maria (1910) G. Verdi Frances Davis Alda Victor: C-8578
recordMP3.gif Otello - Salce, salce (1910) G. Verdi Frances Davis Alda Victor: C-8577
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     Title Composer Attribution Items
perf15.jpg Ich liebe Dich (1912) Ludwig van Beethoven  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Perfect Day (1914), A Victor Herbert  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Love's Own Sweet Song (1912) Emmerich Kálmán C. C. S Cushing (words)
E. P. Heath (words)
perf15.jpg Mighty Lak' a Rose (1901) Ethelbert Woodbridge Nevin Frank L. Stanton (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Star (1912), The James Hotchkiss Rogers Charles F. Lummis (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Sorter Miss You (1916) Clay Smith(w&m)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Morgen! (?) Richard Strauss John Henry Mackay (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Somewhere a Voice Is Calling (1911) Arthur F. Tate Eileen Newton (words)  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Otello - Salce, salce (1910) Giuseppe Verdi  recordMP3.gif
perf15.jpg Otello - Ave Maria (1910) Giuseppe Verdi  recordMP3.gif