Andrea Ritter (1978-)
Last updated: 03.10.20
rprittera.jpgAccording to the Internet source given below, Andrea Ritter is a German recorder artist born in Erlangen. She took recorder lessons at an early age with Inge Reinelt at the Passau music school. She was awarded several 1st prizes in the Jugend musiziert and at the Engelskirchen International Recorder competition between 1991 and 1997 In 1998 she won the Concert Prize at the 5th Open Holland Recorder Festival in Utrecht. Since then she has given concerts throughout Europe with various groups such as the Ensemble 94, Stuttgart, the musikFabrik, Düsseldorf. She joined Loeki Stardust Quartet Amsterdam in December 2004 and is presently (2005) studying recorder at the Academy of Music, Karlsruhe.
Photo: courtesy Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet.