Maria Giovanna Fiorentino (1961-)
Last updated: 28.08.18
rpfiorentino.jpgAccording to information provided by the artist herself, Maria Giovanna Fiorentino is an Italian performer, born in Padova. She studied recorder with Sergio Balestracci (1976-1982) and Pedro Memelsdorff (1983-1987) and also attended international courses held by players and scholars such as Frans Brüggen, Marijke Miessen, Walter van Hauwe, Kees Boeke, Jeannette van Wingerden and Matthias Weilenmann.
She graduated with full marks in Letters and Fine Arts, with a thesis on Music History, under professor Giulio Cattin's guidance at Padua University in 1990, with several concerts, articles and lectures whereby she presented baroque music.
She has performed with celebrated groups and orchestras including Centro di Musica Antica di Padova, Orchestra da camera di Padova e del Veneto, Interensemble and Serenissima Chamber Orchestra in XXIII Festival di Musica Antica in Urbino and obtained enthusiastic approval from both audiences and critics . She records with her ensemble I Fiori Musicali.
She has held various teaching posts at:
  1. Musician School of Reggio Emilia - recorder
  2. 1993, 2004: "G. Tartini" Music Conservatorium, Trieste - recorder
  3. 1997-2003: Fondazione Morello of Castelfranco Veneto - recorder and History of Music
She has been the chairman of ERTAItalia, the European recorder player association in Italy since 2008.
Photo: courtesy M.G. Fiorentino.
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