Last updated: 19.12.19
Composer: H.U. Staeps Suppliers: smp_unav15.gif  
Editor: Hans Ulrich Staeps Quintet D/D/A/A/T
Publisher: Moeck Verlag Publication: Moeck Z.f.S. 280
I acquired this work sometime in 1981-2 and it has been languishing, unplayed in my library ever since. I have not been able to talk any group of which I have been a member to try to perform it. Perhaps because it is poorly printed (in that the print is rather small requiring "eagle-eyes" and that it is fairly black). By sight reading it seems to be a lot of fun.
There are five movements: "Andante vivace", "Moderato e grazioso", "Presto ma non troppo", "Con grazia precisa" and "Molto presto e duro". Much double-tonguing is required in the final presto which is perhaps another reason for its unpopularity. It may surprise recorder surfers outside Germany that use of the tongue (both double and triple) is practically unheard of in amateur German recorder circles. Sigh! Sigh!
I would love to hear it performed just once before I koofer it and obliged to hand in my recorders.