Acht Spielstücke
Last updated: 19.12.19
Composer: W.A. Mozart Suppliers:  
Editor: Mönkemeyer Trio D/D/A
Publisher: Otto Heinrich Noetzel Verlag Publication: Noetzel N 1025
"Acht Spielstücke" by W.A. Mozart is one of four items which I inherited from Carola Heißenbüttel when taking over the chairmanship of the "Klingende Runde für jung und alt" in 1981. It can also be played with violins, fiddles, lutes or guitars.
As the title suggest ther are eight items suitable for beginners. The treble voice could present some problems as the score is set an octave below. A few grace notes are slipped in the 1st descant to keep young performer on his or her toes.