March From "A Little Suite"
Last updated: 26.01.21
Composer: T. Duncan Suppliers: smp_logo_88_white.gif 
Editor: Geoffrey Russel-Smith Duet D/D/Piano
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes Publication: B&H 19415
I came across this neat little item in a Weymouth second-hand bookshop of all places in January 2004 and promptly purchased it for a princely 50p. A bargain price even taking its very musty smell suggesting years of storage in attics or the like and a few interesting tea-stains on the front cover. The march is the theme music from the celebrated BBC television series Dr Finlay's Casebook going back to the 1960's. Regarding the music itself, both the descant and piano parts are delightfully simple - ideal for beginners. Writing in July 2004, I see no use for this piece myself - it is doomed to spend a few decades (touch wood!) on my library shelves. At least it will lose its smelliness.