A Totally Different Rag (1910)
Last updated: 16.11.19
Composer: M. Aufderheide Suppliers:  
Editor: Stan Davis Quartet D/D/T/B
Publisher: Arcadian Press Publication: AP 036
Quoting from the Arcadian Press notes:
What is different about "A Totally Different Rag"? Historians say that "the title is descriptive of the unusual melodic construction of section B, achieved by suspended 4ths, another feature of Ohio Valley rags after 1908". This distinctive B section is repeated for emphasis at the end (unusual in the typical rag format, similar to Aufderheide's The Richmond Rag (1909). The for "A Totally Different Rag" is: A A B B C C B. This rag was also published in song form with lyrics by Earl C. Jones. Original key: Eb.
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg A Totally Different Rag (2:41) Ragtime Dorian Henry