Egbert Heiß
Egbert Heiß was born on 28th October, 1943 in Fürth, Bavaria, Germany. He started to play the piano at the age of eight under the guidance of Theuer Kauf. He later played cello in the school orchestra at the Adam Kraft Gymnasium, Schwabach. Since moving to Bremen he has taken an active part in Vegesack's cultural scene. By profession, a teacher in North Bremen gymnasiums, he was for many years seconded from school service to act as Vegesack's cultural representative. Amongst his many other activities he is a member of the Crazy Ceilidh Committee His favourite colour is blue and he maintains that tomatos keep him healthy.

He has recorded as the pianist on Farewell Recital, BRTC.

Photo: Fred Dembny © June 2000.


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