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Last updated: 19.04.19
Welcome! This is the gateway page for surfers arriving via Webrings to visit my Composers webpages the pupose of which was originally to list and provide information on all those composers referred to in the recorder music, recorder music CDs and recorder artist webpages in this domain. These pages have been extended to include brass and ragtime composers as well as composers of recorder music or composers whose works have been arranged for recorder music.
Some statistics, as of 19.04.19 there are 5289 composers listed as well as 1022 books, 840 CDs, 5010 items of sheet music and 558 links to websites associated with them.
If you wish to return to Webrings on any of my website pages, just click on Webring tab (of course!).

Geoff Grainger, Sheffield, January 2017.


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