Huntley Trevor 
Last updated: 02.06.22
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audioextmp315.gif Your King and Country Need You Edison Blue Amberol Record: 23347 Hughes Macklin
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cd15.gif Daisy Taylor Popsy Wopsy
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url15.gif Any Old Rags? Huntley Trevor (words & music)
H. Champion (perf.)
url15.gif My Old Iron Cross Huntley Trevor (words & music)
H. Champion (perf.)
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 17 works by Huntley Trevor. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Lola Lee 1910 T W Thurban (words)
Gertie Gitana (perf.)
I'm Coming Back to Bonnie Scotland 1913 Lawrence Wright (words)
Daisy Taylor (perf.)
Let's Go Somewhere Where We've Never Been Before 1914 R P Weston (words)  Pub.
My Beautiful Geisha Girl. 1914 T. Mellor (words)  wvicon.gif
Pom-Tiddley-Om-Pom! Hi! Hi! Hi! 1914 T. Mellor (words)
H. Champion (perf.)
When You Marry, Marry a Mariner 1914 F.E. Cliffe (words)  Pub.
Your King and Country Need You 1914 Hughes Macklin (perf.)  audioextmp315.gif
Your World Was My World (w&m) 1914  wvicon.gif
Give Me a Tinkle on the Telephone (w&m) 1915  Pub.
My Old Iron Cross (w&m) 1915 H. Champion (perf.)  Pub.
Meet Me in Orange Blossom Time 1917 J. Norworth (words)  Pub.
Any Old Rags? 1919 J. Neat (words)
H. Champion (perf.)
He's All Right! Ho! For Jolly Jack Tar! 1919 J. Neat (words)  Pub.
I Know a Chateau in Le Cateau 1919 J. Neat (words)  Pub.
Nuthin' at All .. 1919 J. Neat (words)  Pub.
Shiverin' Slide, The 1919 J. Neat (words)  Pub.
What Adam Whispered to Eve 1919 J. Neat (words)  Pub.