Popsy Wopsy
Last updated: 22.11.22
Label: Windyridge
Designation: CDR65
  1. Sandy, Take hold of my Hand - Alfred Glover
  2. Popsy Wopsy - Bennett Scott
  3. Hey Ho! Can't You hear the Steamer? - Fred Godfrey
  4. You can't make Music with That! - Frank Leo
  5. Archie, don't be so Stiff and Starchy! - Tom Mellor
  6. I'll make You want Me - J.P. Long
  7. Algernon, Go Hon! - Worton David
  8. I'm coming back to Bonnie Scotland - Huntley Trevor
  9. Make your mind up Maggie Mackenzie - Bennett Scott
  10. Beautiful Baby Doll - Nathan D. Ayer
  11. Take Advice from One Who knows - George Arthurs
  12. Sergeant Macadoo - A.J. Mills
  13. Everybody loves our Baby - A.J. Mills
  14. You're here and I'm there (with Jack Charman) - Jerome Kern
  15. Let's pretend We're married (with Jack Charman) - George Arthurs
  16. Love me while the Lovin' is Good (with Jack Charman) - Harry von Tilzer
  17. When they've wound the watch up on the Rhine (with Jack Charman) - Hermann E. Darewski
  18. We've been married just one year (with Jack Charman) - Lewis F. Muir
  19. I've got everything I want but you (with Jack Charman) - Henry I. Marshall
  20. Sandy, Take hold of my Hand (Alternative Version)
  21. Popsy Wopsy (Alternative Version)
  22. Let's pretend We're married (Alternative Version)
  23. I'll make You want Me (Alternative Version)
  24. Algernon, Go Hon! (Alternative Version)