Jean Richafort  (c1480-c1547)
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According to the Internet source given below, Jean Richafort was a Franco-Flemish composer. According to the poet Ronsard he studied with Josquin des Préz. In 1507-9 he was singing-master at S. Rombault, Malines; in 1531 he was serving Maria of Hungary, Regent of the Netherlands, and from 1543 directed music at S. Gilles, Bruges. He wrote Masses, a Requiem, motets and chansons widely disseminated in printed anthologies; Glareanus included his motet "Christus resurgens" in the Dodecachordon, while his attractive 4-part "Quem dicunt homines" was one of the most popular motets of its day, with its bright Ionic mode and rhythmic ebullience; G. P. da Palestrina was among many who wrote parody Masses upon it.
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5 Chansons (Trumpet(T)/Trumpet(T)/T(B))smp_unav15.gif
3 Scores.
Publisher: London Pro Musica (EMLV251)
5 Chansons Rustique (A/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
3 Scores.
Publisher: London Pro Musica (EML0251)
2 Chansons (A/T/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
Set of Scores.
Publisher: London Pro Musica (EML0193)
2 Chansons (D/A/T/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
5 Scores.
Publisher: London Pro Musica (EML0128)