Jean d' Estreé  (?-1576)
Last updated: 06.02.22
According to the Internet source given below, Jean d' Estreé was a French composer, dance arranger and player.
He was one of several Parisian performer-composers who were members both of various small professional instrumental ensembles (called "joueurs d'instruments" of the Confrérie St Julien), as well as of the royal Musique d'écurie. From 1559 to 1564 he also took on the job of dance editor and arranger for the Parisian music publisher Nicolas Du Chemin. D'Estrée lived in the St Merri district of Paris on the right bank, along with many of the other members of the St Julien group. In one of the groups he played with, d'Estrée knew Du Tertre's friend, Pierre Jol.
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