A New History of the United States
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1970 Author: Wiliam Miller
Publisher: Pan Educational Music ISBN:  
Copyright: 1968    
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Paperback, 480 pages.
Publisher's blurb
In this new, revised and up-to-date edition of a work described as 'the most readable history of the United States ever written', William Miller brilliantly spans the events and ideas which have shaped American history from the early Renaissance voyages of exploration and discovery to the latest American and Russian explorations of space.
With its emphasis on placing American history in a world setting, and a virtually new chapter on American foreign relations, A NEW HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES is indispensable to the student and the general reader.
'Mr. Miller does not merely digest ably and clearly the vast body of modern American historiography, he writes with a point of view. . . . A great many complacent beliefs about the past are quietly inspected and revised; a good many historical judgements appealed against. . . . how much there is to be grateful for! Mr. Miller is a master in the difficult art of apt and illuminating quotation, admirable in giving the temper of an age by the revealing illustration, willing to speak his mind and with a mind worth attending to. This is a most able and most welcome book.' TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT
Personal remarks:
A great read and is often referred to. Here the historian does not gloss over the darker aspects of the uncomfortable American past. Well recommended.