The Valiant Sailor
Last updated: 18.04.20
Printed: 1979 Author: Roy Palmer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press ISBN: 0521201012
Copyright: CUP 1973    
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29 sea songs, ballads and prose passages illustrating life on the lower deck in Nelson's Navy.
Personal remarks:
This is a most lovingly produced song book with illustrations, anecdotes, essays and articles aplenty. Even the most rabid land-lubber cannot fail to find enjoyment in Roy Palmer's achievement in bringing the atmosphere of sea-going in Nelsonian times so vividly to life. I have read and re-read it often and tried my throat at all the songs - it never fails to delight. This is the source for:
  1. The Banks of the Nile
  2. Here's the Tender Coming
  3. Liberty for the Sailors
  4. Rodney so Bold
  5. The Sailor's Return