The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Australia
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1994 Author: Susan Bambrick
Publisher: Cambridge University Press ISBN: 0521365112
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Hardcover, 394 pages, (November 1994) Usually ships within 24 hours.
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This book draws on the expertise of more than 900 scholars to describe the world's smallest continent (or its largest island). This comprehensive reference covers not only modern Australia, but its aboriginal heritage, physical makeup, history, economy, government, and cultural contributions. Similar to other titles in this series (Cambridge Encyclopedia of China, Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean), it is intended to introduce the reader to the continent of Australia and provides facts, figures, and 250 colorful photographs to enhance the understanding of its society and culture.Sections cover such topics as the Great Barrier Reef, the legal system, agriculture, religion, health, and aboriginal art. Although topical entries throughout the volume are brief, the contributors add information in brief boxed essays. For example, in the "Media" section, a brief insert on foreign ownership is included. All articles are signed with intitials keyed to a contributors list at the front of the book. Almost all the contributors are Australian. More than 40 maps and charts are scattered throughout the volume. A bibliography of suggested readings and video recordings is arranged in the same order as the text. The detailed index uses italics to denote illustrations and bold type to indicate a major reference to a subject.The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Australia, with its readable format and attractive illustrations, provides an overview of topics related to this continent and is appropriate for undergraduate, public, and high-school libraries.
Book Description
Offering both a lively introduction for visitors and an invaluable single-volume reference, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Australia provides comprehensive coverage of life in today's Australia, Aboriginal and contemporary culture, and the continent's colorful past. Eight major sections examine the key aspects of the continent, past and present: the physical environment, traditional Aboriginal society, history since European contact, economy, society, government, culture and the arts, etc.