Carmina Burana : Cantiones Profanae
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1996 Author: Carl Orff
Publisher: Bolchazy Carducci ISBN: 0865162689
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Amazon Review
Gregory Boals, Choral Director, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
"A must for anyone interested in performing Carmina Burana. An engaging book for both singers and conductors. Literal and poetic translations and plentiful period illustrations fascinate and entertain the reader." Vance George, Director, San Francisco Symphony Chorus. Review: "We use it whenever we perform it." Gregory Boals, Choral Director, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
Book Description
Sebesta has provided vivid, literal translations of composer Carl Orff's selections from the Medieval Latin poems of the Carmina Burana. These poems celebrate the universal range of human emotion and experience: passion, longing, exuberance, humor, rebellion,ennui, resignation. Now tender, now tragic; secular yet reverent; the poems of the Carmina touch the chords of our purest and darkest spirituality.