The Story of Ireland
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2012 Author: Neil Hegarty
Publisher: BBC Books ISBN: 978-1846079702
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In search of a new national memory
Paperback 416 pages.

Publisher's blurb:
In this groundbreaking history of Ireland, Neil Hegarty presents a fresh perspective on Ireland's past. Comprehensive and engaging, "The Story of Ireland "is an eye-opening account of a nation that has long been shaped by forces beyond its coasts.
"The Story of Ireland" re-examines Irish history, challenging the accepted stories and long-held myths associated with Ireland. Transporting readers to the Ireland of the past, beginning with the first settlement in A.D. 433, this is a sweeping and compelling history of one of the world's most dynamic nations. Hegarty examines how world events, including Europe's 16th century religious wars, the French and American revolutions, and Ireland's policy of neutrality during World War II, have shaped the country over the course of its long and fascinating history. With an up-to-date afterword that details the present state of affairs in Ireland, this is an essential text for readers who are fascinated by current events, politics, and history.
Spanning Irish history from its earliest inhabitants to the country's current financial crisis, "The Story of Ireland" is an epic and brilliant re-telling of Ireland's history from a new point of view.