Geoff Gee Songbook Vol. 1
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1993 Author: Geoff Grainger
Publisher: Unpublished Manuscript ISBN:  

Contains Children's Songs, English Folkdances, German Folkdances, Australian, English, German, Irish, Plattdeutsch, Scottish, American, Welsh, Royal Navy folksongs, Gospels, Sea songs, German Sea Songs
Personal remarks:
I compiled this collection of some 260 folk songs in 1993 preparatory to taking an extended contract abroad. The problem was that weight restrictions made it completely impossible to take my library of sheet music and songbooks with me. It is heavily used to this day and is a constant companion when away from home for more than 1 day. It is heavily battered (like me), its spine is badly damaged and its front cover torn off. It is very badly in need of replacement.
It has been joined by companion volumes, Geoff Gee Songbook Vol. 2 and Geoff Gee Songbook Vol. 3.