I Wish You Love: Conversations With Marlene Dietrich
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1996 Author: Eryk Hanut
Publisher: Frog Ltd ISBN: 1883319471
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Reviewer: Maria T C Amaral (Brazil)
First it must be said that take what Marlene Dietrich says literaly, without reporting ourselves to the particular humour of germans intelectuals of her generation, Brecht included, is misunderstand it all. It it also well to remember the habits of a class that had "épater les bourgeois" as a habit. With Marlene ich word has many meanings and, some times, a little box contains a bigger one inside and then another, and another one. Few knew how to deal with the notion that truth is the multiple illusions of truth, and play so sharply with it. Most of the times for will of good, even if this good was her path towards the liberty of a precipice edge.
Then it is remarkable the incredibly effective way she educates Hanut by telephone. And, for one time, Marlene achieves her education efforts. Hanut, after she was no more there to scream at him, became not a suicidal desperate boy, but a quite interessing man publishing a series of books, with titles that seem the fruit of a research of himself and wisdom. It is not important if Marlene should agree with the conclusions of this books. It is important that she got him from the pit and made him meet the force to continue to live with dignity and to discover his way. One has to admire the cleverness of her method, hidden in apparent casuality. To do this one may drink, take pills, but one must be more lucid than most of humanity has the privilege to be.