The Penn State Blue Band
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1999 Author: Thomas E. Range
Publisher: Pennsylvania State University Press ISBN: 0271019603
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A Century of Pride and Precision
Hardcover 232 pages (August 1999) , usually ships in 8-9 days.
Amazon Review
An illustrated centennial history of a premier college marching band. After an explanation of how marching bands came to be so popular, from their early 19th century origins to today, ten chapters each cover a decade of the band's history and include biographies of its five directors.
From the Author:
I agree with the review my co-author and dear friend, Sean Smith, has written. This book was originally written with the purpose of describing and defining the History of the Blue Band, but the book has grown since the original concept and now it has become a history book of not only the Blue Band, but of Penn State, Music and America.With interviews from Penn State Alumni dating from the 1920's to the present, and reproductions of photographs on almost every page, the book represents many years of hard work and devotion. What I am especially proud of are the "Spotlights", which are interlaced throughout the chapters of the book. The "Spotlights" highlight a specific topic and how they relate to the Blue Band. Topics such as: Beaver Stadium, Band Day, Majorettes, Drum Majors, Marching, Pregame, Uniforms, and Nike are just a few of the many "Spotlights".The book also has an appendix comparing the Blue Band to other collegiate bands. Readers can see how the Blue Band compares in size, marching style and age to other collegiate bands such as: Ohio State, Michigan, Florida A&M, Pittsburgh, Yale, Wisconsin and Texas. The book also defines the different styles of marching, giving readers an opportunity to determine what style their favorite band marches in.Whether you are a History Buff, a Musician, Penn State Alumni or someone that just wants to read an interesting story, the Penn State Blue Band: A Century of Pride and Precision would be a wonderful addition to your personal Library.