J.S. Bach
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1967 Author: Albert Schweitzer
Publisher: Dover Publications Inc. ISBN: 0486216322
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Amazon Reviews:
Synopsis:Independent of his international renown as a humanitarian, Albert Schweitzer is well known as a great musicologist--a reputation that rests largely upon this book, one of the great full-length studies of composer Johann Sebastian Bach's life and work. Schweitzer's J.S. BACH is among the definitive reference works on Bach and is high on the list of required reading for music students.
Jing Zhang (zhjing@unm.edu) from Albuquerque, NM , June 16, 1998
Comprehensive, authentic and very instructive. Dr. Schweitzer himself is an excellent interpreter of Bach's music, especially his organ music. His Christian belief put him closer to the heart of the great German composer. Everyone who is seriously interested in Bach should read this book which is full of information and insight. To those who not only listen music but also feel it, the book is will be a spiritual revelation. Shortcoming: in comparison with German version, some translation is a bit vague or inaccurate.