English Recorder Concertos
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: White Line
Designation: Asv Living Era
Release Date: 05 November, 2002
Performed by John Turner, Keith Elcombe (harpsichord) with the Royal Ballet Sinfonia conducted by Gavin Sutherland.
  1. Petite Suite, for recorder & orchestra, Op. 245, by John Linton Gardner
  2. Domestic Life, for recorder, strings & xylophone, by John McCabe
  3. Song of the Lesser Twayblade, for recorder & orchestra, by Peter Lawson
  4. Concerto for recorder & harpsichord, Op. 88, by Kenneth Leighton with Keith Elcombe
  5. Suite Champêtre, for recorder, string orchestra & harp, by Philip Lane
  6. Aubade, for alto recorder & string orchestra, by Wilfrid Mellers
  7. Two Pipe Tunes, for recorder & string orchestra (from A Prophet in the Land, arr. Lane), by Robin Humphrey Milford
  8. Mr. Pitfield's Pavane, for recorder, string orchestra & harp, by Norman Kay
  9. Concerto Chacony, for recorder & string orchestra, by Stephen Dodgson