The Lonely Shepherd: Cantatas by J. C. Pepusch
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Bis
Designation: Bis - #965
Release Date: 01 January, 1998
Works performed by Frode Thorsen, Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, Hans Knut Sveen (harpsichord)
  1. Corydon, cantata for soprano & ensemble, No 5, by Johann C. Pepusch
  2. Ground for alto recorder and continuo (viola da gamba & harpsichord) (from "The Division Flute", 1706), by Godfrey Finger
  3. Love frowns in Beauteous Myra's Eyes, cantata for soprano & ensemble, by Johann Christoph Pepusch
  4. Keyboard sonata in D minor First Movement: Vivace, by Jaques Paisible
  5. Cleora, cantata for soprano & ensemble, No 2, by Johann Christoph Pepusch
  6. Keyboard sonata in D minor Grave, Allegro, Vivace, by James Paisible
  7. When Loves soft Passion..., for soprano & ensemble, No 3, by Johann Christoph Pepusch
  8. The Beggar's opera Air XLI: If Love's a Sweet Passion (tune: Henry Purcell; thoroughbass: John Christopher Pepusch), by John Gay
  9. Morlake Ground, for keyboard, by John Blow
  10. Menaloas, for soprano & ensemble, No 4, by Johann Christoph Pepusch