Catherine Bott, Purcell - Sweeter than Roses - Restoration Theatre Songs
Last updated: 22.08.18
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Label: Oiseau lyre
Designation: L'Oiseau Lyre/Spec. Imps #443699
Release Date: 16 November, 1995
Works by John Blow , Solomon Eccles , Matthew Locke , Henry Purcell , Giovanni B. Draghi , Raphael Courteville , John Weldon , Catherine Bott .
1. My Lodging It Is On The Cold Ground
2. Lovely Selina
3. Retir'd From Any Mortal's Sight
4. Where Art Thou, God Of Dreams
5. Fairest Isle
6. Pursuing Beauty
7. Music For A While
8. Iin Vain 'Gainst Love In Vain I Strove
9. Creep, Creep, Softly Creep
10. There's Not A Swain On The Plain
11. Thrice Happy Lovers
12. O Let Me Weep ('The Plaint')
13. See Where Repenting Celia Lies: Composed by Henry Purcell and performed by Catherine Bott/Pamela Thorby/Anthony Robson/Pavlo Beznosiuk/Rachel Podger/Paula Chateauneuf
14. The Cares Of Lovers
15. Ah! How Sweet It Is To Love
16. Find Me A Lonely Cave
17. Dry Those Eyes
18. Dear Pretty Youth
19. Halcyon Days
20. O Lead Me To Some Peaceful Gloom
21. Sweeter Than Roses