Telemann: Concertos and Suites for Recorder
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Supraphon
Designation: Supraphon SU30392
Release Date: 13. Mai 1996
Recorder works by Georg Philipp Telemann performed by Jiri Stivin.
  1. Fantasia No. 1 in C for Solo Recorder: l. Vivace, ll. Allegro
  2. Suite in a for Recorder, Strings & Bc: l. Ouverture, ll. Les Plaisirs, lll. Air a l'Italen, lV. Menuet l. ll., V. Rejouissance, Vl. Passepied l., Vll. Polonaise
    Performed by Prague Chamber Orchestra, with Jiri Stivin, conducted by Milan Munclinger
  3. Fantasia No. 3 in d for Solo Recorder: l. Largo e vivace, ll. Allegro
  4. Concerto in a for 2 Recorders, Strings & Bc: l. Gravement, ll. Vistement, lll. Larement lV. Vivement
    Performed by Jiri Stivin/Miloslav Klement
  5. Fantasia No. 8 in g for Solo Recorder: l. Largo, ll. Spirituoso, lll. Allegro
  6. Concerto in e for Recorder, Flute, Strings & Bc: l. Largo, ll. Allegro, lll. Largo, lV. Presto
    Performed by Prague Chamber Orchestra with Jiri Stivin/Jiri Valek, conducted by Milan Munclinger
  7. Fantasia No. 10 in a for Solo Recorder: l. A'tempo guisto, ll. Presto, lll. Moderato <