Edwards: Ecstatic Dances
Last updated: 22.08.18
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Label: Tall Poppies
Release Date: 01 January, 1994
Compositions by Ross Edwards

1. Flower Songs for 16 voices & 2 percussionists with David Hewitt, David Miller
2. Etymalong, for piano with Lisa Moore
3. Ecstatic Dance, for viola & cello with Gwyn Roberts, Patricia Pollett
4. The Tower of Remoteness, for clarinet & piano with Nigel Westlake, David Bollard
5. Ulpirra, for recorder solo
6. Prelude & Dragonfly Dance, for percussion quartet with Synergy
7. Kumari, for piano with Roger Smalley
8. Marimba Dances (3) for percussion with Michael Askill